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My goal is to make it simply easier and better for you - transparent, ethical and personalized oral wellness appointments.

Oral Health Assessment 

or "The Check Up"

Duration: 60 minutes

This is a comprehensive oral health evaluation which is a preventive dentistry exam that looks at all aspects of your oral health, including the appearance and condition of your gums, tongue, teeth, and jawbone.  We review your medical history, ask you questions about your nutrition and oral hygiene habits, and perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine your risk of cavities, tooth decay, and other oral problems. Digital x-rays may be taken, an oral cancer screening is done, which is then followed by a teeth cleaning & polishing appointment, as well as some lifestyle recommendations to keep your caries risk level low - quite comprehensive no? Nothing that isn't in your best interests.

Dentist Tool

Emergency Consultation

Duration: 30 minutes

Just need some pain relief or want to know the reason behind the swelling or chip? Pass by for a quick consult. Time may not be sufficient for treatment with this option though but at least you would know what the plan of action will be.

Dental x-ray

Smile Makeover Consult

Duration: 60 minutes

Your smile is full of potential. Unleash it. Straight, healthy teeth not only look good, but feel good. Food is easier to chew, teeth are easier to clean, and your mouth will a happy, healthy one, apart from the amazing self-esteem boost you'll feel. Whether it be composite bonding, veneers, whitening or transparent aligners, come in for a chat to see how we can enhance your smile! We want you flashing your smile everywhere. 

Beautiful Smile

Other Services

We offer a full range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services.


White Fillings


Implants & Bone Grafts


Veneers & Crowns


Root canals


Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening



And more!

Don’t see what you need? Chances are we do it. Get in touch with me. Seriously, it's time.

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