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Seriously, it's time.

Feel amazing about your oral wellness & enjoy life.

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Your friendly, local dentist.

Look forward to your visits.


a gentler touch.

no judgement. every mouth is welcome.

netflix or a curated Spotify playlist in your chair.

a place to laugh, have fun and be family.

accepting new patients always & emergencies


Hi, I’m Dr Layal

Canadian trained Cosmetic Dentist & Oral Surgeon


I can’t believe I’m confessing to this, but I’m a dentist who actually gets anxious going to the dentist. I love being a dentist, but I understand that dental procedures can sometimes be quite.. tough.


What if I can create an amazing dental experience for my patients that I, myself, would enjoy If I were them? I want to provide my patients with both an experience and a smile to be proud of. No pressure. No judgement. Just smiles. 


Relax, you're at the right place.

                                                                                                                        Dr. Layal Ksaybi

Services Offered

And more!  ღ


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The Guide to Caring for your Oral Wellness

Your overall oral health will be determined by the dental professional you are seeing. And most likely, like many people, you may be scared or anxious about going to the dentist... worried about what they may find.

This oral wellness platform, thetoothhub, can be used as a guide to ensure your mouth is clean and healthy throughout the year. Think about whether traditional oral health is working effectively for you. Brushing and flossing may not be necessarily enough for your mouth, considering the radical differences in the biology, chemistry, and physics of mouth health.

This guide will provide lifestyle habits, nutrition tips, and oral care recommendations with the aim to make you better understand the importance of oral health to total body health.

I tackle common questions I get asked such as “Should I be using mouthwash?” or “How soon can I eat after a cleaning?” or “Why do I get a headache after chewing gum?”.


This oral wellness movement is all about education to transform your oral well-being & life – Prevent rather than resolve.

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Oral Health Assessment 

or "The Check Up"

Dentist Tool

Emergency Consultation

Dental x-ray

Smile Makeover Consult

Beautiful Smile


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